The Registry is Government Sponsored Doxxing

In May of 2021, someone called the Wheatland, California police at 1 a.m. to say he had “just shot somebody dead.” The killer brought a loaded gun and a cell phone jammer to the residence of Ralph Mendez, a citizen required to register because of a much, much earlier sexual offense, and killed him. The killer spared Mr. Mendez’s 88-year-old mother.
Police arrived and arrested Rory Banks, and the district attorney charged him with murder in the 1st degree. Police said they believe the murder was motivated by the victim’s doxxed information found on the state registry for sex offenders. His wife said Mr. Banks spent time on his computer looking for sex offenders. This is how people find sex offenders.

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Other vigilante stories:

More than half of registrants report losing a job, and 40% report being harassed.

The registry makes victims less likely to report sexual abuse.

93 Percent of child abusers are known to the victim, and not on a registry.

No correlation between residency restrictions and reducing sex offenses against children

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