There Are Nearly 1 Million Americans on a Sex Offense Registry. These Are Their Stories.

Lives on the Registry: “There is Forgiveness”: The Jon C Story

Jon C. is the leader of New Name Ministries in Texas and a registrant on the sexual offense registry. He and his wife Cynthia are working hard at building a beautiful life, as well as creating a pathway for others in similar circumstances. Jon works directly with registrants that are transitioning from jail and prison. He provides housing for registrants live in while they are going through the re-entry and reintegration process. As part of the New Name Ministry program, registrants have a very strict set of rules they must follow in order to be successful and to stay in the program.

New Name Ministries (NNM) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that has been ministering to ex-offenders from all walks of life since 2004. NNM began residential reentry in 2005 in Fort Worth, Texas and expanded into Boyd, Texas in 2018. By providing a culture of honor in a peer driven community, men are successfully transformed and reenter society through our program of accountability based on application of God’s Word in their lives.

Housing for returning citizens has been at critical mass for decades and quality program-based residential reentry is very limited. The community and taxpayers greatly benefit from our community-safe, shared monitored living arrangement for program participants. NNM’s emphasis is on producing productive members of the community by placing them in a supportive peer driven community that fosters accountability, responsibility and vision for their future. The program has proven to be effective, even for those that society considers unchangeable. Our one-year open end program offers assistance in job placement, life skills, mentoring and building healthy relationships. Program participants at New Name Ministries are required to maintain their spiritual lives, a full-time job, attend various classes and activities throughout the week and pay monthly program fees of $500.00. We teach them how to budget their time and money in order to save enough to ensure they are equipped to be self-sufficient by the end of their one-year stay. Effective residential reentry is critical because it significantly reduces recidivism. Recidivism is a ten-dollar word for new crimes, or better yet, and more importantly, new victims.

NARSOL is the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization exclusively dedicated to defending the constitutional liberties of registered citizens and their families.

NARSOL opposes dehumanizing registries and works to eliminate discrimination, banishment, and vigilantism against persons accused or convicted of sexual offenses through the use of impact litigation, public education, legislative advocacy, and media outreach in order to reintegrate and reconcile affected individuals and restore their constitutional rights.

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