There Are Nearly 1 Million Americans on a Sex Offense Registry. These Are Their Stories.

Registry Talk: From Soldier to Registrant in a Small South Dakota Town – Christopher’s Story

Christopher explains what it was like going from a well respected solder to a social pariah as a registrant in a small South Dakota town. He relates how residency restrictions have affected his life and the lives of his relationship partner. He also explains how he was rearrested on a technical violation and incarcerated. Unfortunately, this is all too typical for people on the sex offender registry. Most are not rearrested for another sex crime. When they are rearrested, it is usually for something like failing to report an email address or for failing to update a new address or new car. Despite all of the challenges of being on the registry, Christopher is coping well with the aftermath and shares his story in hopes that it will help others in similar circumstances.

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  1. Chris. Would love to meet you. Appreciate your service to our country. As a fellow registrant I can relate to a sheltered life with a very small friends circle. I have been fortunate with my employment but continue to live with the shadows and not knowing what people are saying. Stay strong you’re not alone and god help us all.

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