There Are Nearly 1 Million Americans on a Sex Offense Registry. These Are Their Stories.

Timothy Davich

Timothy Davich
Timothy Davich

In 2008 I was charged with abusing my two adopted sons. For which I was guilty. At the time I wanted to kill myself and/or spend the rest of my life in prison. Both of the sons recanted their statements but the prosecutor went ahead anyway, telling them he would subpoena them. My youngest son told them to go ahead and that he would plead the 5th. My oldest son stood his ground. After serving my time and finally a free man, I promptly joined a therapy group that I had previously attended and after 18 months I successfully graduated. I am still in contact with my therapist for assistance and helping other former offenders in the area. 

As a child (8 years old) I attached to a man that I took as my father figure. After a short period, he started to molest me and this went on until I was 16.  

Since my release I have been able to continue having friends and family support. I was able to secure a place to live and continue my work as an independent contractor in IT / Networking. I currently own two cars and a motorcycle, as well as a 31′ camper that I live in. I make great money at what I do, and I plan on purchasing a house or a camper to live in.  

I have had several jobs offered to me, and because of the registration issue the offers have been withdrawn. Still that has not stopped me from having what I want or doing what I love. I tell people all the time, you go to work because you have to but I enjoy what I do so work for me is fun. Because of that I look forward to each day. 

If you don’t have formal training in a field, get it, do day work to get experience, and build off that. I didn’t know a lot about what I’m doing now, but through experience I am the best at what I do. I have a desire to learn and succeed, and I won’t let a label define who I am. The only label that defines me is human being. I say respect yourself, live for yourself. Live an honest and forgiving life.  

I look to my Lord and Savior to get me through each day. I know the Lord has saved me and is providing for me. I pass the grace and mercy shown to me to others every day. I will not allow the past to determine my future! If we continue to live for or in the past, we can never move forward. Forgive and forget the past, move forward and be happy. 

I hope this will help someone else to look past what has been, and look to what can be, be the person God created them to be! 

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  1. I am very happy you had the courage to share your story! And your faith with your struggles that many registrants go through. Many people don’t realize that these things are thought at young ages to be ok and without help people do not realize that it is wrong!. Keep the strength and faith and hopefully all our faith prayers and efforts will benefit registrants in the future.


  2. I have waited years for the 3 tear system to arrive and in Jan 1st 2021 California will become the 48 state to realize that sex registries don’t work the way the system is and has and was set up. Also with the amount of propaganda and fake and false reports at last the new system will work as planned.

  3. Thank you for having the courage to share your story. Jesus forgives and will help someone become a new person if they truly repent and do the work required to change. Unfortunately alot of people do not believe that is possible. It is wonderful you are now helping people see it is possible.

  4. These laws are spiteful and certainly about punishment and ridicule. This is how you see the true colors of this once “free” land, including those that call themselves Christian. They have violated the very core principles of this country. (The old USA was a land that did not infringe on liberty and basic unalienable rights, RIP) The only reason they don’t murder you is because those people would fight back once they figured it out.
    I commend you for your perseverance because that is what it takes.

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